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The origins of ARB go back to 1975, when company founder, Tony Brown, was inspired by a 4WDing trip through the top end of Australia.

Back then, 4WDers relied on homemade or ill-fitting equipment that was not designed for extensive Outback expeditions. Endless corrugated roads, extreme temperatures, and the heavy loads carried by Australian travellers were tremendously punishing on vehicles that regularly tackled these kinds of conditions. Tony’s many years spent toiling on his Series 1 Land Rover proved extremely beneficial to others in the top end during his travels. Damaged bull bars and broken roof racks ensured Tony’s expertise was regularly called upon, and through this experience an idea was born – well engineered, durable equipment that would meet the vigorous demands of 4WD owners.

The Safari range of recreational 4×4 and commercial 4×4 products represents the best in innovative automotive engineering where each product release is the result of a comprehensive research and development program designed to produce a totally engineered and thoroughly tested package.

For decades Safari 4×4 Engineering has designed and manufactured automotive snorkels and 4WD performance systems made to enhance the performance, durability and driveability of 4×4 vehicles.

Custom Offroad Accessories was founded in 2011 by good friends and company directors Simon Crowe and Mitchell Gregory. The company was established through Mitchell and Simon’s passion for four-wheel driving and supporting the less common 4wd’s in the market. Custom  Offroad pride themselves on supplying quality products at great prices and supporting their customer with good old fashion customer service.

Based in South Australia, REDARC has 40 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products.

In 2015, REDARC acquired Hummingbird Electronics. Hummingbird is renowned for their bespoke product development, unparalleled specialist knowledge and importantly for quality customer service. REDARC and Hummingbird are highly complementary with comprehensive product portfolios, industry-leading technological and innovative excellence together with outstanding staff.

In 2019, REDARC will be celebrating its 40-year anniversary. With a range of activities planned, this is not only a celebration of what the business has achieved as a whole, but a celebration of our customers supporting Australian manufacturers.

Trackabout Off Road Campers are not only an industry leader in design, innovation, quality and service but also one of the longest standing Australian manufacturers in off-road camper trailers. What once started in the mid 1990’s as a small business based in Brisbane’s south has grown into a manufacturer that provides off road campers nationwide and beyond.

With state of the art technology behind us, advancements through computer aided design, laser cutting and redefined assembly procedures have allowed us to maximise features, storage & usability therefore adding value for our customers. All of our components are finished to the highest standards, allowing aesthetics and practicality to bond effortlessly.

Trackabout has continued to prove itself as one of the best camper trailer manufactures in Australia forging a reputation based on innovation, quality and comfort. So make sure you have the best behind you!

Gotya Covered Seat Covers is an Australian owned company based in Perth, Western Australia, who manufacture custom made seat covers to fit a wide range of vehicles across the Australian market. We proudly only manufacture and use suppliers within Australia. Along-side our supplier, we have developed our own exclusive range of waterproofed canvas seat covers, and plush foam backed denim covers. The fabrics we use have been developed to ensure our custom made seat covers are the best product available throughout Australia, at a reasonable cost without any compromise on quality.

MAXTRAX have been discovered by 4WD adventurers around the world as the safe, simple, quick and easy method of vehicle recovery. MAXTRAX are now widely available around Australia at most TJM, Opposite Lock, ARB, BCF, Supercheap Auto and Anaconda stores as well as a number of independent retailers, and from stockists in thirty countries including the USA, Peru, South Africa, Norway, France, England, Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand and UAE, to name just a few. Our customers now include mining, energy and exploration companies, government agencies, 4WD trainers and tour operators, lifeguard services, rural fire services, State Emergency Service branches, off road rally drivers, the Australian Army, US Defense Force and the United Nations.